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Black Phenyl Concentrate

Black Phenyl Concentrate

First time in the Phenyl Industry, the J K Cottage Industries introduce the Simple and Easy method to make Black Phenyl. We offer the “UTTAM” Black Phenyl Concentrate to make black phenyl. Just you need to add water in our phenyl concentrate and Black Phenyl is ready for use. No need to add any other chemical. From our 1 litre Black Phenyl Compound you can make 8 (1:7) liters Black Phenyl, with a powerful fragrance.

Specialty of Our Black Phenyl Concentrate

Simple & easy method to make black Phenyl.
Efficient sanitizers cum perfume cleaner.
Extra strong & Gives long lasting freshness.
Drives away the mosquitoes, cockroaches, tiny insects.

Available Packing:

5, 20, 35, 50 & 220 Liter Pack.
Also provide as per customer requirement.

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Pine Oil Emulsifier

Pine Oil Emulsifier

Emulsifier for Pine Oil- Water Soluble This emulsifier is used to make floor cleaners and deodorants which are water soluble and based on pine oil.

The details about the emulsifier for making white phenyle.

Take one part our emulsifier in a clean container. Add one parts of pine oil while mixing. Transparent and clear white phenyl concentrate is ready. Now dilute it with thirty times (1:30) water to make milky bright white stable emulsion. The ratio of pine oil can be increases to 1.5 to 2 parts.

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